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Tailored to meet the needs of corporate clients...

Success is more than passion and smarts; it's even more than a state of mind. 

It's an energy.


Everything emits a frequency and energy, including you. Do you know the most powerful frequency a person can embody? No, it's not confidence...and no, it's not love. It's AUTHENTICITY. When your inner world, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, is in alignment with what you say the energy you emit is 4000x more powerful than love. (Gary Brecka - Human Biologist and Bio Hacker via SPANE scale of Emotion)


There is also a law in physics discovered by physician and physicist, Thomas Young, called the law of constructive interference. When two frequencies of equal wavelength meet, the sum of the frequencies doubles. Yes, that confirms you can get energy from interactions with people.  Alternatively, destructive interference says that if two frequencies of opposite wavelengths meet, they cancel each other out. 


And to introduce another element to consider, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and everything we believe, we perceive. In psychology, this is essentially called confirmation bias; in quantum mechanics, it’s called the observer effect. 


If you have a particular belief about something, for example, everyone is not trustworthy, you will experience confirmation of this as fact, over and over again in relationships, forever on a merry-go-round of being hurt, deceived and lied to. No fun, right?!? The human mind is incredibly powerful - our feelings, especially the unwanted feelings, and dis-ease in the body are the result of thought patterns and belief systems that we were taught and inherited. It's all cause-and-effect patterning that translates to every single action we take every waking moment of every day.


Now, imagine, if you will, what this all means for you when engaging with your internal and external stakeholders. In today’s realities, the world expects its leaders to lead with compassion, vulnerability, authenticity, and integrity, especially when sustaining the ebbs and flows that are inevitable throughout a company's life cycle. Why? Because it is a formula that is necessary to build a greater level of trust. In reality, making mindfulness and wellness practices a key foundational pillar of corporate culture will make or break you, especially in challenging times and when greater connection is imperative in the workplace. 


I see this as the evolution of the old corporate paradigm and a transition into the modern-day workplace, valuing truth, emotional intelligence and radical, kind candor over blind vulnerability and inauthenticity. To make this transition possible, it starts with YOU as a leader.


Leading with compassion, vulnerability, authenticity and integrity foundationally requires being very attuned to our inner world through self-awareness. If there is any "friction" playing out in our inner world, be it minor or major, it will manifest in many different ways, but mainly in our body language and energy. Most people believe they are aware of what is going on in their inner world, but according to a large-scale investigation covered in a 2018 Harvard Business Review article, self-awareness was found to be a rarity. However, people in your sphere of influence will be able to pick up on any "friction" you're processing in your inner world, whether you're aware of it or not. 


In face-to-face conversations, 93% of a conversation is conveyed via body language and verbal inflections, whereas only 7% is conveyed through words. Non-verbal behaviors are connected to our thoughts and feelings, and the body will always turn to “expressing” or projecting what is going on in its inner world as a way to process and release any frictional energy. 


Start your transformative journey to self-awareness and inner discovery with Chelsea, founder of Igniting Conscious Leaders and certified mindset & body language coach.


It is in the challenges meant to shake us to our core where we find evolution and growth, and a greater understanding of self that brings us closer to leading with compassion, vulnerability, authenticity and higher integrity. It's time to transcend the ordinary and take your business and team to new heights.

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"It is the visionary leader with an empowered mindset who sees challenges and hurdles as opportunities to evolve and transform for the better. They lead with compassion, vulnerability, authenticity and integrity, and will never be confined by the ordinary."

Chelsea, Igniting Conscious Leaders

Mindset & Self-Mastery Coaching 
Transforms Lives

Shifts your overall energy; better energetic

Higher emotional
quotient; emotional regulation

Greater inner awareness; stronger boundaries

Helps you sleep better; reduces dis-ease in body

Improves clarity, attention & concentration

Promotes peace
& calm

Politician News Interview

“For every thought supported by feeling, there is a muscle change. Primary muscle patterns being the biological heritage of man, man’s whole body records his emotional thinking.”


— Mabel Elsworth Todd, The Thinking Body

Tailored Work Grounded In Success

Chelsea is not your typical mentor and coach. She leverages her corporate background and extensive training to provide a unique approach toward overall wellness and self-mastery with the intention of bringing greater awareness to how we present ourselves to the world, especially where it counts the most.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Chelsea strives to make her services accessible and views her approach as more grounded in success when deployed correctly and aligned with a company's performance goals and KPIs where it makes the most sense. Chelsea works with clients on an individual basis or through corporate consulting engagements and will complement internal team efforts. Below is just a small sample list of use cases to start from.


Body Language Coaching

  • External-facing executives, especially a newly promoted exec

  • Leaders at a company seeking VC or seed funding

  • Fundraising managers at non-profits to drive greater success rate in reaching funding goals

  • Sales execs closing a deal, especially with a high-profile client, to drive a greater close rate on deals

  • Spokespeople ahead of any major event

  • Major Company Announcements/Crisis Communications

  • Competitive Intelligence support

Coaching & Empathic Listening


  • Support executives or department heads during major company or life transitions

  • Newly promoted managers who have never managed a team before

  • Managers or leaders who are stuck, dealing with burnout

  • Transform unhealthy team dynamics impacting morale and productivity 

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