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Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is a master healer, intuitive empath, elemental alchemist, and frequency shifter on a mission to help guide people back to their true authentic state, reach their highest potential and live a heart-and-soul led life.

Using her intuitive abilities, she tunes in to your energy to uncover and identify the cause of physical and emotional pain, and energetic blocks that create dis-ease in the body. She leverages a unique combination of alternative healing methods, shamanic techniques and quantum healing practices to facilitate a holistic and individualized journey toward healing - think Reiki on steroids!

As part of her mission her objective is to offer a holistic approach to healing so she takes her practice a layer deeper by offering spiritual coaching to help you work through any past pains, traumas or emotional restrictions that may surface post-session. She also offers space clearings to ensure your sacred space isn’t impacting your mental, emotional and physical well-being.


Chelsea is trained in several different energy healing modalities, medical intuition, metaphysics, and self-mastery practices. She has a corporate background in finance & communications, was born in Hawaii, raised in Texas, and has lived most of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest.

My Story

Before embarking on my journey with spirit and energy healing, I spent over a decade in the corporate world dealing with Wall Street. I reached a point when I just felt STUCK and out of balance. The stress, anxiety and burn out was taking its toll on me and I started experiencing health problems. Eventually, in August 2015, I woke up in the middle of the night hearing repeatedly “raise your vibration!” It was so loud and urgent – I simply could not ignore it. I immediately shot up out of bed, grabbed my laptop and started seeking a solution.

Reiki then entered my life, and my healing journey began...

I had such a deep and profound emotional healing in my first reiki session – I could feel the energy shifting things in me and felt incredibly lighter and happier. In the days that followed, I experienced a significant spiritual awakening. I knew deep down that there was something to this and I need to get down to the bottom of it. This curiosity led me down a 6-year journey of absorbing all the information I could on metaphysics, shamanic medicine, sound healing, energy meridians, Qi Gong, hypnotherapy, and the after life from many renowned teachers, shamans, authors, channelers and healers. I’ve received professional training in a wide variety of quantum energy healing techniques and self-mastery practices, such as Reiki (Reiki Master), EFT Tapping, Medical Intuition & Anatomy, Sound Healing, Akashic Reading, Shamanic medicine, and Harmonic Healing.


My purpose is to be in service, healing and illuminating humanity...

It was through this multi-year journey, or essentially going back to school for healing & metaphysics, that I overcame many past pains, traumas and emotional restrictions that were keeping me blocked. It also ignited and sparked an inner knowing about who I am and what my purpose and mission is here on Earth at this time – my intuitive abilities also came online full force, and alternative healing tools and techniques gradually started to consciously surface. These are tools and techniques that are not readily defined in the spiritual community, and over the years I’ve had fantastic mentors and teachers help me navigate and anchor these tools into my healing practice. My approach to healing is highly specialized and versatile, which is why I call it Reiki on steroids. I believe I came to this planet to help heal as many people as possible and it’s an absolute joy to simply be in service, which brings me excitement and fulfillment and a sense of purpose.  

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