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Meet Chelsea of
Anyanna Energy Healing & Coaching

Chelsea is a master healer, medical intuitive, and mindset & self-mastery coach on a mission to help people tap into the most empowered version of themselves and improve their quality of life and overall well-being.

Using her intuition, she tunes in to your energy to uncover and identify the cause of physical and emotional pain, and energetic blocks that create dis-ease in the body. She leverages a unique combination of alternative healing methods, shamanic techniques, and quantum healing practices to facilitate a holistic and individualized journey toward healing - think Reiki on steroids!

As part of her mission, her objective is to offer a holistic approach to healing so she takes her practice a layer deeper by offering mindset and self-mastery coaching to help you work through any past pains, traumas or emotional restrictions. She also offers space clearings to ensure your sacred space isn’t impacting your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


Chelsea is trained in several different energy healing modalities, medical intuition, metaphysics, self-mastery, and mindset coaching practices. She has also received accredited certifications in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and body language analysis. She has a corporate background in external relations, Investor Relations and Analyst Relations, has lived most of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest, and currently resides in the beautiful state of Montana.

My Story

Before embarking on my personal healing journey, I spent over a decade in the corporate world working alongside many executives as a liaison between publicly traded companies and Wall Street. I reached a point when I just felt STUCK and out of balance, which was compounded by health issues that flared up in 2012 after my divorce. When I hit a brick wall with traditional medicine, I turned to naturopathic medicine, but eventually, the stress, anxiety, and burnout, along with my health problems, reached a peak and were taking their toll on me. 

In August 2015, I finally said enough is enough and started seeking a solution. That's when energy medicine, or reiki, just fell in my lap. After listening to my intuition and seeing some success with naturopathic medicine, I had to trust the path that was being illuminated to me.


Reiki then entered my life and my healing journey began...


I had such a deep and profound experience in my first reiki session. I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. It was in this session I learned I am someone who is highly attuned and sensitive to the emotions and frame of mind of those around me. I always had a knack and passion for reading people and my intuition and “gut feeling” served me well throughout my life and corporate career. I was always “tapped in." However, what was essentially ailing me was a "veil" or build-up of other people's energy that had accumulated throughout my entire life, and was weighing me down mentally and emotionally. Everyone has an energy field and energy body that pulls in energy from our external environment, circulates that energy throughout the body and nervous system via the meridians, and pushes or expresses it out. Think of a pipe - if it’s not regularly tended to it gets build-up over time and eventually gets blocked, right? In my first energy healing session, a majority of the “build-up” that had accumulated was being effectively processed and released, leaving me feeling incredibly lighter and clear.

In the days that followed, I experienced what I call a significant "awakening to self." I knew deep down that there was something to energy medicine and I needed to get down to the bottom of it, as well as learn how to manage my intuition, my sensitivities and my own energy sustainably.


My curiosity led me down a 7-year journey of absorbing all the information I could...​


I took a deep dive into metaphysics, shamanic medicine, sound healing, medical intuition and anatomy, energy meridians, Qi Gong, hypnotherapy, and the afterlife from many renowned teachers, shamans, authors, channelers and healers. I didn't grow up in a "spiritual" household so the pendulum completely swung in that direction, but in hindsight, that needed to happen so I could feel and experience what deeply resonated with me in order to be more grounded and centered in my work. It was through this multi-year journey, or essentially going back to school to learn energy medicine, metaphysics and self-mastery, that I overcame many past pains, traumas and emotional restrictions that were keeping me blocked. 

Little by little life was flowing back into me and I became more centered and grounded, and eventually realized energy medicine (reiki, acupuncture, biofield tuning, etc), somatic bodywork, and nervous system regulation techniques are excellent tools, but it's also important to address the root cause of the dis-ease and imbalance within you...your mental and emotional patterning. 


I started diving into psychotherapy and cognitive therapy and eventually sat down one day while doing some personal inner work and started developing a method and process for exploring the undesirable, uncomfortable aspects of our inner world that keep us limited. I also became an expert in navigating the labyrinth of experiential avoidance, shedding light on the egos' “tricks” to avoid the discomfort that comes with personal growth. The energy work goes hand-in-hand with, and is complementary to, mindset and self-mastery coaching and the behavioral therapy work that I do - they both are instrumental to full integration.


It was through my journey that I fully understood how the body, mind and spirit restores itself while gaining greater equilibrium in energetic frequency. I have received professional training and accredited certifications in a wide variety of quantum energy healing techniques and self-mastery practices, such as Reiki (Reiki Master), EFT Tapping, Medical Intuition and anatomy, Sound Healing, Akashic Reading, Shamanic medicine, Nervous System attunements and regulation, Harmonic Healing, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and body language diagnostics.

It was truly my purpose all along to go down the path that was illuminated to me many years ago…​

It was part of my purpose to overcome my ailments and navigate my own inner world, learning and developing as I go to be the guide that is meant to empower others on their path to self-mastery, energetic autonomy, and overall well-being. ​It wasn't just my purpose, it turned into a dream. My effort to make something of this world and it’s where I THRIVE.

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