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Client Testimonials

Tina M,

Virtual Session: Energy Healing


Anyanna’s energy work is unlike any other. You can actually feel the sensations of the energy move in your body. She intuitively knew exactly what was affecting me and how to heal it. She takes the time to explain what she sees and what she is doing to heal you. I felt so much better after the session. Anyanna is the REAL DEAL!

Lauralee C,

In-person Session: Space Clearing & Energy Healing (for pet)

Anyanna is a true light in this world, she has a gift that is hard to put into words but is immediately felt. She was able to feel what was bothering our most anxious kitty and come up with a solution. We thought we were going to need to put our cat on a mood stabilizing drug so we wanted to try whatever we could before we took that route. Within a few days of Anyanna’s visit, our cat has completely changed and is happy and at peace. It was an all encompassing experience that brought healing to my husband, to me, and to our household. We feel like our encounter helped to guide us in a positive direction and release energy blocks we had in our way. If we ever move again, one of the first things we will do is request a consultation about our home. It’s wonderful knowing that when the need arises you can schedule remote healing as well. An all around wonderful experience with a lovely person.

Andres E, Colombia

Virtual Sessions: Energy Healing & Executive Coaching

When I started working with Anyanna I was struggling with financial tension with my startup and I engaged her to assist with any limiting beliefs and negative thought loops that may be impacting my ability to achieve the funding I needed to propel my business forward. Our work together to combat the situation was extensive. She first coached me on the most effective way to engage investors, which entailed coaching on content for the investor pitch, and most importantly my body language and how I responded to investor questions. Her corporate background was very helpful here.
We later worked on any embedded emotional restrictions and energetic blocks to financial abundance through energy healing and coaching. I was actually surprised by what we found when we started digging into my patterning. Anyanna was very supportive and effective throughout the entire process.

Adam H,

Virtual Session: Energy Healing

Anyanna is truly gifted. When we met for our remote session I was feeling off balance. She made me feel comfortable and at ease then quickly connected with my energy. Her power became undeniable as she helped me return to alignment. I highly recommend her services.

Sophia F, Philadelphia

Virtual Session: Space Clearing


Anyanna has taught me a lot about clearing the very dense low vibe apartment I live in and has also assisted me in helping my roommate with boundaries, and helped my neighbors child who had an entity attached to him. All of this was revealed in a 4th dimensional framework, and Anyanna's ability to pick up on the subtle energies of a space even through a virtual call is absolutely phenomenal. Every word she stated for the clearing was very tangibly felt energetically and I could feel every being she called in, every energetic force she pulled into the space. I could even see all of the grids being created to seal the house from any further entities. She has made my apartment livable, tolerable, and took a weight off of my shoulders as before it was truly unbearable to be here. Thank you so much Anyanna. You are a miracle worker!!  

Laurie L,

Virtual Session: Energy Healing

With Anyanna's calming and Intuitive approach I was able to identify, process, and release the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and was able to experience positive growth in a key relationship, and very quickly felt a more positive flow of energy.

Heather J,, California

Virtual Sessions: Energy Healing


I’ve had two healing sessions with Anyanna. One built upon the other as the need for integration was necessary before the second phase of clearing and new codes could be introduced. Anyanna is extremely adept at perceiving, assimilating, and alchemizing energy. She has many spiritual guides, ancestors, and animals in other realms supporting her which multiplies the power she harnesses exponentially. My first session with her was incredibly tangible; I encountered images, sounds, and feelings of pure energy waves vibrating every cell of my body, traversing from head to toe, clearing density and making space for new light codes of information to enter. The waves of pure energy were traveling very fast in the shape of an infinity symbol aligning my chakras and clearing my aura; it was so intense my body would shake and twitch at times. I heard a rattle snake sound come in from another dimension which Anyanna heard as well; it ushered in the shaman healers who were singing and dancing in ritual. They were purifying the space and my body. Then the Pleiadeans appeared and I felt a shower of golden crystalline light codes wash over me. It felt magical. I visualized my entire body sparkling in golden light and my golden wings spanning the farthest distance I have ever seen them spread. My divine genome was activating. The second session was a continuation of the purifying and activation of divine key codes. A deep and traumatic blockage was released during the second session which made us both feel nauseous. It took several weeks for it all to clear and for golden light key codes to integrate fully. Anyanna helped me release deep trauma and activate divine key codes that were planted in my DNA eons ago in two sessions!

Louise M,

Virtual Session: Energy Healing

Thank you so much Anyanna for the amazing session. I was really impressed with the synchronicities that we both experienced during the session.


Some of the areas that she worked on were grounding and activating my third eye. She told me she saw some interesting sacred geometry that was healing and activating my DNA. And I definitely liked hearing that!! She aligned my heart and throat chakra, as well as did some clearing. I saw a tunnel and it had rings pulsating purple lights. I felt my body getting waves of energy. 


She said that she saw rose pink petals all coming down on me and a purple light coming up. What was cool after my session I saw the name rose, I could smell the rose scent and the first picture I saw on social media was a rose, so the session provided me with many confirmations. Plus two of the spirit animals she said were coming to help were the dove and the butterflies and both had been showing up with guidance. Thank you Anyanna for the great activation!

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