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Energetic Space Clearings

Real Estate listing unable to sell?

Have an apartment or short-term rental, like an Airbnb or Vrbo, that sees a lot of foot traffic?

Just move into a new home and having a hard time settling?

Are things just feeling stagnant in your home?

Did you become sick shortly after moving into a new place?

You may need to "reset" the energy in your space

What are Space Clearings?

Space clearing is the art of clearing and rejuvenating stagnant energies in buildings (commercial and residential). There are many different methods to clear a space’s energy, and I will work with you closely to determine the best strategy for your unique property. 

Why do we need Space Clearings?

It doesn’t take long for energy to build up in our homes and commercial spaces, especially if we live in an apartment, a city that experiences a lot of congestion, or when we invite other people into our space - this is incredibly important if you own a rental like an Airbnb or Vrbo.


Stagnant energy in the home or commercial space can block us from achieving our goals and aspirations, as well as impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being, making us feel out of sorts, drained and have mental fog, among other more serious symptoms. Space Clearings dissolve the stagnant energies, balancing the energy of your home and restoring it to a more vibrant, peaceful atmosphere. It's recommended for a holistic approach to regular energetic maintenance.

Chelsea is an energy intuitive and will identify any energetic imbalances in your residential or commercial space. She applies many different techniques and methods depending on your situation to bring harmony and flow back to your space.

Pricing will vary based on the size of your space. Please reach out for an initial consultation and onsite assessment. I also offer bundling options where you can purchase a space clearing plus a healing session to ensure a more holistic approach to your health and well-being.

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