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Curious about Vortexes & Portals? Channeled message from a Grid Worker

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Preface: I am a grid worker and this information was channeled through me after a year and a half of traveling to major vortex hubs from the Mid West, US to Hawaii. A grid worker is a light worker who is designed to anchor high frequency energy to help facilitate greater ease and flow of energy along the Earth’s grid. We are all strategically placed all over the world, or divinely guided to visit certain areas along the grid, to help break up dense energy by anchoring more light into these areas. You may be a grid worker and not even know it - I didn’t realize I was a grid worker until I was in my mid-30s. Just by simply being and anchoring high frequency energy where you are living, or guided to visit, you are doing the work, but it helps to know and have awareness of this gift as your work is more impactful with intention. Most of us carry a dual purpose as grid workers.

As humans we are the micro of the macro - just like we have energy bodies made up of chakras and meridians that receive, distribute, and express energy within our body and energy field, so does our mother Earth.

Let’s first dive into vortexes…

Vortexes are whirlpools of energy generally located at intersecting points along the earths grid, but that’s not necessarily always the case. They can also be located in spots with high or low geo magnetic force, pushing and pulling energy in and out of mother Earth physically - think high volcanic activity, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. I believe this activity potentially shifts the grid over time, creating new ley lines and redistributing energy. So essentially, they impact mother Earth’s expression both physically and energetically to promote repair, healing, and ecological harmony & balance.

The way I see it vortexes, just like chakras in the human body, are instrumental in cycling energy and frequency in and out of the cosmos - or the Earth’s external environment. Additionally, just like we are the micro to the macro with respect to Earth, Earth is the micro of the macro to our entire solar system and galaxy, so there are certain clusters of vortexes that correspond or connect with other star systems like Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, etc.

Vortexes are polarized in the sense that one vortex may pull energy in to Mother Earth and another may lift energy up and out. I call a vortex that pulls energy in, or receives energy from the cosmos, a feminine vortex, you may see some resources characterizing these vortexes as a “negative” polarity. On the other hand, you have a masculine vortex, characterized as “positive” polarity by other resources, that pushes energy out into the cosmos. Feminine is the receiving energy, Masculine is the active and directive energy.

In a Feminine vortex the energy spins counter clockwise whereas the Masculine will spin clockwise.

In a Feminine vortex the gravitational force is incredibly intense because of it’s creationary energy, so the energy is very compact and dense, especially at the core, because the gravitational force is extra heavy in order to anchor the energy effectively. You will likely fall a lot, your knees will buckle and the force will be so intense that you’ll want to just crawl. Visiting a feminine vortex is unforgettable. In a feminine vortex it is large with a wide circumference. At the Montana vortex I started feeling the density about 38 miles away from the core of the vortex, so it was pretty big. How did that manifest, I actually felt pushed down, my head felt heavy and my car felt like it kept slowing down even when I had my cruise control on. At the core of the vortex, if you are sensitive you will likely feel tired and experience lower, dense emotions. I don’t actually like to use the “negative” characterization with these portals because they are actually super instrumental and helpful in anchoring new, higher energies from our galaxy here on Earth, which is why the gravitational force is so intense.

I’ve intuited that for each feminine vortex there are around 3 to 5 masculine vortexes, depending on the location of the geo cluster as mentioned before and the grid’s need to push or “express” energy out.

With a masculine vortex the energy will feel lighter and uplifting because the energetic force of the vortex is literally lifting and shifting energy up and out of mother earth (and you!) including any dense energy or emotions within you…it’s why you feel SO good when you visit a masculine vortex. Unfortunately, because of their uplifting nature there is also a lot of negative interference surrounding these vortexes intending to interfere with these vortexes countering their uplifting nature in order to keep the lower vibrational energies anchored here on earth. That’s why a lot of healers, grid workers, portal keepers and transmuters are guided to these vortexes to counter this influence. Sedona and Shasta are really good examples of this. I will say I generally don’t have the best experience in these areas because I know I’m diverting the negative interference and transmuting the energy through my body. It makes me incredibly tired and when I leave these areas I will sleep a ton. When I visited Sedona last year, I slept for a good week after that trip!

There are also frequencies associated with each individual vortex just like there are different frequencies associated with each chakra. Feminine vortexes will carry a lower frequency because it requires more energy for the high gravitational force, whereas masculine vortexes of a positive polarity have lower energy and a higher frequency.

Now, I’ve had a few people ask me how I feel about the earth having “chakras” that directly mirror the chakras in the human body per a number of resources out there? All I will say is it’s not 1:1. In other words for one human chakra, Earth has multiple feminine vortexes and masculine vortexes within a cluster that would be considered a “chakra” to mother Earth.

Moving on to portals…

But first let’s dive into the ley lines. Ley lines have the same role as the meridians in our body as they essentially create a grid distributing energy to and from all of the vortexes on earth, and the way I see portals is they are super instrumental to that role. Just like the tectonic plates I do believe the ley lines shift over time, but it’s very slow, essentially at the same rate as the tectonic plate movement. In the Atlantian and Lemurian times, the ley lines were used like wormholes from a transportation standpoint to traverse time and space very quickly to get from one point to another on the grid. I saw this in a vision over 6 years ago when I tapped into a Lemurian aspect/past life. I have no scientific evidence of this, and the scientific community has just barely scratched the surface on the topic of wormholes. Below is an illustration of the global communication network and this is the best depiction I could find to demonstrate the ley lines, but it goes without saying that our global communication network, energy grid, etc mirrors the grid as people naturally gravitate near major vortex hubs and intersecting points. Additionally, I haven't found an accurate comprehensive map, but that's not surprising as I'm pretty sure that's intentional.

Portals are located all along the grid, the more powerful portals generally surround a vortex or intersecting point on the grid either distributing energy out from a feminine vortex or into a masculine vortex, but they take that energy and funnel or channel the energy into the corresponding ley lines. Portals today are also used as a form of transport for inter-dimensional beings.

With portals, unlike vortexes, the energy flow can be in-bound, out-bound or bi-directional (with energy both flowing in-bound and outbound). With the latter you will generally have just one big portal. Alternatively, if you come across a portal that is just in-bound, there will always be the out-bound portal somewhere in the vicinity. For example, the in-bound portal may be found in a doorway, hallway, or a stairwell, that sees a lot of traffic, with the out-bound portal out in the backyard or in a basement. Where energy comes in it’s got to have somewhere to exit!!

Portals can carry a positive and negative constitution as well, but they should all be positive in my opinion. I mentioned above the negative interference that is prevalent around the masculine vortex clusters - it is through the portals that this is possible as portals can be tampered with all along the grid. As grid workers we are also portal keepers and have the capacity to “re-program” a portal that has been flipped negative to change them positive. All of this is sacred information so I will not share details in-depth as I don’t want the methods shared to me by my higher self, Archangel Metatron and solar angels to get in the wrong hands.

I’ve also encountered portals that have been opened by people not really knowing what they are doing or by beings with negative intention to create a cog in the flow of energy along the grid, which can cause a build-up of lower frequency energy. I’ve had to close down a number of portals in my day that fit in this category.

I will add, areas with a deep history of trauma and turmoil tend to have a cluster of portals with a negative constitution. This is generally intentionally done by beings who want to keep the lower vibrational energy flowing on this planet.

BUT, and this is important, I have encountered portals that have been inadvertently opened by grid workers/portal keepers, energy workers who do not know they have the abilities as mentioned above and if they witness or are involved in a traumatic event with a heavy emotional charge they can just pop open a portal and not know it, and if the traumatic event happens in front of a mirror (like you will find at a bar, restaurant, retail shop) it’s 10x more likely. These portals are also of a negative constitution.

It goes without saying, that we should never open portals all willy nilly as we don’t know the impact it may have on the grid, and we don’t want these portals to be programmed and later flipped negative by nefarious beings.

Vortexes and portals are located out in our oceans as well. All vortex clusters and corresponding portals have guardians. You may ask how it’s possible then that they can be tampered with? It is because the vortexes and portals are multi-dimensional and have many layers, levels and dimensions to them. The guardians generally are 4th and 5th dimensional and higher, but that is why there are grid-workers/light workers in the physical to be able to reach to the levels these guardians cannot.

Lastly, doing grid work is not all about working exclusively with vortexes and portals that influence mother earth's energy grid. Grid work also involves healing trauma in the collective in a particular geo area: pay attention to how you feel and what comes up emotionally, mentally and physically. What you feel is a frequency match somewhere within you. Dive into it; as you heal yourself, it has a ripple effect on the collective consciousness of the people residing in that area. It also provides an energetic pathway for them to heal as well. When I was in Utah in the summer of 2022, I did more inner work in Salt Lake City (a MAJOR intersecting point or hub on the grid) than actual grid work. In fact, it was at that point when I developed my own shadow work or inner work process.

I hope this was insightful, and please do consider me a resource if you have any questions. My objective here is to educate and bring forward awareness, so all grid workers can be empowered to do the work necessary to lift and shift the energies on this planet.

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